23 March 2022

The Church and the challenges of the digital world

A workshop of the Dicastery for Communication discusses Church’s presence in the digital world


How can authentic communities be built in Social Networks? What is the best language for communicating faith on the Internet? And again, what role should the Church take in the formation of those using digital tools to communicate the Gospel message? These are some of the questions on which a workshop promoted by the Dicastery for Communication was focused. On March 17 and 18, more than 30 experts in the field of communication of different nationalities and with different professional experiences were involved. Among them also some members and consultants of the Dicastery, university lecturers and journalists.

The event was also attended by some young professionals who participated in the “Faith Communication in the Digital World” project. The workshop, in the form of a brainstorming session, gave rise to multiple points of reflection not only on the theme of the digital world but, more broadly, on the approach that the Church (at different levels) is called to take in communicating the Gospel in today’s world.

The workshop was structured in two sessions, one plenary and one in small groups, and followed the synodal methodology of mutual listening and sharing of the most significant ideas that emerged from the listening. The initiative – in the intentions of its promoters – marked the beginning of a path of in-depth study and discussion on issues of great relevance and significance, which will be at the center of the Dicastery’s Plenary, scheduled for next fall.