The Dicastery of Communications was instituted by Pope Francis with his Motu Proprio on the current context of communications on 27 June 2015.  The new Dicastery was entrusted with the task of the overall reorganization of the entire communications system of the Holy See, thus becoming the single point of reference for communication, which is always more increasingly complex and interdependent. In this new system, all of the realities which dealt with communications have been brought together.

Specifically, these sectors form part of the new Dicastery

  • The Official Site of the Holy See
  • The Press Office Holy See
  • The Information flow of Vatican News
  • The daily newspaper 'L'Osservatore Romano'
  • Vatican Publishing House
  • Vatican Media (Photo, Audio & Video Services)
  • Radio Vaticana Italia
  • Vatican Printing Press
  • Filmoteca Vaticana