Our mission is to bring the Pope's word, image and gestures all over the world

In more than 35 languages: in print, via radio and television, websites and social media


You too can be part of this mission by supporting us with prayer, or with a small gift.

The Church is communion. It is a network of love.


Would you like to help us reach out to other people, encouraging them in their journey of faith and inviting them to encounter the Lord?

If so, you can do this by sending a donation to: Dicastery for Communication, Via della Conciliazione 5, 00120 Vatican City


Thanks to contributions such as this, we have been able to:

  • make available free of charge: the booklet containing the Way of the Cross and a digital downloadable booklet entitled Strong in the Face of Tribulation. The latter is continually being updated. It is a collection of ecclesial texts, homilies and discourses of the Pope on the pandemic. It is meant to be a symbolic sign and gift during this period marked by pain and suffering. Both of these publications are made available through the Vatican Publishing House (Libreria Editrice Vaticana).
  • make the main pontifical liturgies available for universal participation, also allowing people with communicative and hearing disabilities to follow them live via web with Vatican News via a channel dedicated exclusively for sign language translation
  • to grant anyone from any part of the world the possibility to assist at the Pope’s morning Masses from the Casa Santa Marta, and the liturgical celebrations of Holy Week, via live streaming through Vatican Media.




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Donation in favour of the Dicastery for Communication