27 July 2018

“Vatican Audio” app to listen to the Pope in 5 languages

“Vatican Audio” can be downloaded free from App Store and Google Play.

By Robin Gomes


An audio app to help listeners easily tune in to the Pope is now available for mobile devices in five languages. 

Created by the Vatican’s Dicastery for Communication, the app “Vatican Audio”  can be downloaded free from App Store and Google Play.  One can also scan the QR code above to open the link to the download page of “Vatican Audio”.  After installing, all you need to do is to choose your language and simply listen.

Pope Francis, who generally speaks in Italian, can be heard live in Spanish, English, French, German and Portuguese.  When he speaks in his native Spanish, the app also provides the audio in Italian.

Pilgrims and visitors attending papal events in St. Peter's Square can also follow the Pope in the five languages.  

This service is in addition to the live broadcasts in different languages already available online and on radio.

The app will also be available for the July 31 event in the Vatican, when Pope Francis will meet more than 60,000 altar boys and girls of the “Coetus Internationalis Ministrantium” (CIM), the international association for altar boys and girls.