25 January 2023

26th International Days of Saint Francis de Sales 2023

The next International Days of Saint Francis de Sales organised by the Holy See's Dicastery for Communication and the Federation of Catholic Media with the participation of Signis will take place in Lourdes from Wednesday 25th to Friday 27th January 2023

When crises follow crises, the prophets speak up. And in these times, many Catholics testified, some risking their lives to denounce oppression, others to be bearers of a first announcement, managing to reach circles too often left aside.

For our Catholic media, these times are also a period of questioning, when it is not questioning.

Between our professions called to rethink and our Catholic identity affected by the crisis which crosses the whole Church, what place still have our media?

Do we still have a singular word to contribute. In a world that seems to be increasingly secularized, how do we make ourselves heard? Great Catholic voices respond.

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