01 October 2018
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Stefania Tenessini

The concrete experience of hundreds of journalists gave birth to a style of journalism that can be possibly define as dialogic, shared by professionals of different cultural and religious horizons, leading to strengthen the means, methods and attitudes closer to a spirit that is constructive, empathetic, dialogical and at the constant research of peace”. (Stefania Tanesini)

Stefania Tanesini is the international coordinator and spokesperson of the focolare association called NetOne. She is leading the ‘Journalism and Migration’ project promoted by NetOne, and has also been the coordinator for a series of studies on dialogical journalism. She is actually the press officer of the Focolare Movement; and writes on a number of journals, newspapers and weeklies. She has been the Press officer of the International Focolare Movement of Loppiano, and at the Sophia University Institute. She has also organized huge cultural events, conferences, seminars, national and international exhibitions. She has fluency in Italian and English. She has to her credit other journalistic collaborative ventures with Città Nuova and other publications. She has collaborated with the press office of  Microsoft Italy and in the news redaction of various newspapers, radio and TV.