01 October 2018
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Michele Zanzucchi

Michele Zanzucchi, is currently the Middle East Correspondent for Città Nuova Publications/Editorial group.  He is also a professor of Journalism at the Gregorian University and at the Sophia University Institute of Loppiano. He has his Master’s degree in Theology from the Institut Catholique of Paris and his Master’s in Communication from Centre Sèvres of Paris. He has published thousands of articles in journals, reviews and in various other collections. He has also organized hundreds of conferences in various universities and cultural places both in Italy and in different parts of the world.  He is a member of the International Board of NetOne. He has published more than 50 books of reportage, interviews, testimonies and communication studies. He has participated in hundreds of radiophonic and television transmissions. He has held several professional responsibilities leading and guiding various groups. Some of his recent books that need mention are: “Silence and the Word, the Light” (Città Nuova, 2014) and “Power and Money. The Social Justice according to Bergoglio” (Città Nuova, 2018, preface by Pope Francis).