01 October 2018
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Dr. Rey-Sheng Her

Cover the truth and guide people into goodness” has been the core philosophy of Dharma Master Cheng Yen on journalism, and the Tzu Chi’s media, including Da Ai TV Station and social media that operated by humanity volunteers have followed the principle for decades. Accordingly, the Constructive Journalism aims to expect journalist to put effort on solving problem instead of merely digging out problem, to be empathy not to stay aside, to be just not to be neutral, to provide positive paradigm instead of negative driven. The ultimate goal of Constructive Journalism is hoping journalist to contribute in building a good, harmonious and peaceful society." (Dr. Rey-Sheng Her)

Rey-Sheng Her, is currently the Director of the Department of Humanity Development, Tzu Chi Foundation, and the Associate Professor, College of Humanities and Social Sciences, Tzu Chi University and the spokesperson for the Tzu Chi Foundation. He is also a visiting faculty at prominent universities such as University of Cambridge, University of Oxford, Columbia University in the City of New York, University of British Columbia and at China Philanthropy Research Institute etc. He has done his doctorate on Chinese Buddhist study at the Peking University, China. He has travelled worldwide and given keynote speeches in various seminars and conferences, and has written a number of books, and published number of articles, and research works on various themes related to peace, non-violence, Tzu Chi mission etc. He has been a down-to-earth volunteer of the Tzu Chi foundation offering his services and guidance during the various natural disasters and calamities at China, Nepal, Taiwan, Japan, Philippines and India. He has also a wide experience in the mainstream media, occupying various roles, and has also been a producer of a number of television programmes and documentaries and has also received several awards for the same.