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Dear Sisters,


The world needs to hear your story!

The world needs to hear you tell your own story!

As the world is once again plunged into the darkness of war on the heels of the darkness of the pandemic, your lives and ministry can be a source of light. Why? Because where humanity is hurting, you are there; where there is darkness, you are bringing hope.

Many people still don’t know how much great work is done by the religious orders around the world. Whether running schools and hospitals, caring for the sick, rescuing victims of human trafficking, or supplying employment for the destitute, the religious orders provide essential services either in places where there is little other provision, or for people for whom there is little other support. You sisters are able to do this without blowing your own trumpet and often at great cost to yourselves, announcing this way the mighty works of God.

With the support of the Hilton Foundation, the Dicastery for Communication is initiating a project aimed at building a dynamic global network of sisters’ voices in the Vatican Media, while at the same time demonstrating how sisters are contributing to the Church’s work.

We hope to become partners with you so that the world might be offered the testimony of your lives and mission.



Paolo Ruffini 

and the Team of the Dicastery for Communication



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The Dicastery would like to offer women religious three opportunities:

  1. To suggest stories with sisters as witnesses of the “mighty works of God”, so we can share them through the Vatican Media. 

  2. To suggest sisters who could be selected as interns for a 3-month training program at Vatican Media in Rome. The Dicastery is also offering an online training opportunity on the most relevant current issues related to communication in order to strengthen sisters’ capacity to serve God’s people and every person.

  3. The opportunity to subscribe free of charge to L'Osservatore Romano free for one year by sending an e-mail with each sister's first and last name, name of Congregation, country of residence, and e-mail addresses to









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The challenge of Women Church World

Ten years ago, Women Church World was born. For the first time, L’Osservatore Romano promoted and included a monthly magazine dedicated to women whose task is to report, narrate and comment on the status of women in the Church. There were three conditions that prompted and favoured the decision.

The first was that discrimination against women existed even within the Church. The second was that the Church was particularly late in recognising the important role of women; in fact, there was an even stronger and more widespread patriarchy than in other sectors of society.

The third was that, despite the aforementioned conditions, there existed a female world that had evolved and, although it had a strong sense of belonging, wanted to be more involved. It wasn’t simply a matter of power—which did play a role then as it does now—but of affirming an identity, a culture, an experience of faith, of prayer, of social relationships that women had developed and that would be useful to all believers.

In these 10 years, Women Church World has tilled, sowed, and cultivated a vast field that has shown itself to be more fertile than we supposed. It wasn’t easy, therefore, to choose for this issue the topics and articles that would tell the story of the magazine, its research, its discoveries, and the protagonists of 10 intensely lived years. Rereading the issue, we saw that in the field we had tended, a plant had grown strong, and that some of the protagonists had shown themselves to be stronger, breaking stereotypes and revealing an energy that we had only suspected. They were the nuns and sisters.

Women who consecrate their lives to the faith are a vanguard. Starting precisely from the choice they made, they want to change and are already changing the Church and the world. They fight against modern slavery, they work in countries at the center of conflicts, they become entrepreneurs by maintaining a community practice and thus revolutionizing the world of work. They write books, they examine biblical texts with new eyes, they practice discernment but are not afraid to rebel against injustice, not afraid to challenge the roles assigned to them. They recognise tradition but want change. And they do not hesitate to point to women as a matter to be addressed and on which society is behind, knowing how to distinguish between the authority of the Church and the authoritarianism of men.

We dedicate this issue of Women Church World to these women.


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