23 May 2023

Indian Church Leaders/Communicators promote 57th World Day of Social Communication

NEWS on 57th WCD from India

Indian Church Leaders/Communicators promote 57th World Day of Social Communication


*Bangalore, May 21, 2023 -* Across the Indian Subcontinent the World Day of Social Communications was celebrated and promoted through various programs and media initiatives. This is in response to Pope Francis’ message on the 57th World day of Social Communications where he stressed the aspect of “Speaking with the Heart: The truth in Love”.  The different ecclesiastical regions celebrated this day with great fervour and much zest to make the message to be percolated to the peripheries.

Bishop Raphael Thattil speaking to the Atma Darshan viewers (Catholic TV channel)in his message said, “the Church has to diligently and prudently make use of Mass Media for the purpose of evangelisation. Educating the youth to make use of mass media by attractive, affectionate and effective programs, so that they are not misled or misguided.

Bangalore Archdiocese Prelate Archbishop Peter Machado promoted the day’s celebration in the weekly program Shepherd’s Voice said, “ The Heart of communications is speaking with the heart. Communications forms the basis of our society. Communicating cordially through the loving dialogue, Communicating heart to heart in daily conversations, Speaking with heart in a synodal spirit, and lastly it helps in promoting peace.”

FMA Media Shillong Province (Media Animation Centre) collected the E-posters creatively presented by different communities (https://youtu.be/DMILfae_Q5s).

The Karnataka region Office for Social Communications has organized a FB & Insta Reel contest highlighting the theme of the World Day of Social Communications and the last day to submit entries is May 31, 2023. The Telugu Region and the Prarthana Bhavan TV released YouTube & Insta Reels to celebrate the Communications Day. While the Tamil Nadu Region has decided to celebrate WCD on the second Sunday of July by telecasting one week programme on the WCD theme coordinating the dioceses of Tamil Nadu. This brings a great awareness about the WCD message of the Holy Father among the faithful.

The message of Pope Francis  was translated into various Indian languages such as Telugu, Tamil, Hindi, Malayalam,Konakani, kannada and other Indian languages.

Around this time CCBI Media Apostolate has organized a month long intensive course on Media Training for diocesan secretaries and Church Communicators who have come from all over India.

Along with, Rev. Dr. Cyril Victor Joseph addressed the vocation promoters on the Vocation Promotion in the digital era.  The CCBI VSCR commission organized a 3 day program to reorient the vocation promoters who had gathered from all over the country.