2019 Videos

Days for Catholic Literature
‘Hebdomada Papae’: News in Latin on Vatican Radio
Pope Francis audience with Members of the Foreign Press Association in Italy
(italian language)
#SociaLEV: the official publishing house of the Holy See
#SociaLEV: with the scooter at the Vatican
The LEV campaign for the 32nd Turin International Book Fair
LEV has published a book on the Latin tweets
(italian language)
Giovanni Battista "Il Precursore": a life in a movie"
- 08/04/2019 - (italian language)
Backstage of "Il Precursore",
the first documentary film about Holy John the Baptist
(italian language)
Pope to journalists: Champion factual reporting, human dignity
(italian language)
February 12, 1931, the day Vatican Radio was born
The documentary "Signs" opens the Spello Film Festival
- 10/01/2019 - (italian language)